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Nationals 2019: Vancouver

The North American Irish Dance Championships (NAIDC) are held annually in North America over the first week of July and are hosted on a rotational basis by each region.

The NAIDC is one of the premier Irish dance competitions worldwide and it is a World Championship qualifier. Over 5000 dancers compete in these events.

The Irish Dance Teacher's Association of North America (IDTANA) operates in tandem with An Coimisiún le Rincí Gaelacha (CLRG) in Dublin, Ireland. All members of IDTANA must be registered and certified as a TMRF (Céili instructor), TCRG (solo/Céili instructor) or ADCRG (adjudicator) by CLRG and all dancers who compete must be taught by a certified teacher (TCRG or TMRF).

OID Ceili Team Results

O16 Girls team B (tall) - 8th Place
O16 Girls team A (short) - 9th Place
U16 Mixed team - 1st Place
U13 Mixed Ceili - 4th Place
U11 Mixed team - 3rd Place
U11 Girls team - 4th Place
U9 Mixed team - 1st Place
U9 Girls team - 2nd Place

OID Solo Places

Evan - 2nd Place (World Qualifier)
Roisin - 49th Place
Ayuna - 34th Place
Hannah - 32nd Place
Molly L - 27th Place
Molly M - 22nd Place (World Qualifier)
Ava - 22nd Place
Sophie - 13th (World Qualifier)

Ceili team stands on podium in first place, still surprised and delighted.